Magical Egypt |

Ignition Screener

A 5-yr long research project studying the aesthetics and symbolism of ancient art has demonstrated that we have been drastically underestimating both the general intelligence of our most distant ancestors and the sophistication of the scientific corpus that expressed everywhere in the art, statuary and culture wide aesthetic.  

Contrary to traditional views on ancient Egypt, the message that the art and architecture transmit is not a primitive proto-religious message, but something much more akin to a scientific transmission, that is brilliantly encoded into the art and architecture.  What’s more important still, this science has a focus on human consciousness, which even in today’s world is still something of a notorious blind spot.  Both art and architecture are revealed to contain brilliant cyphers that weave highly technical schematics into the artistic motifs.  The surprise expands to an even more startling revelation, the ancients not only understood the biology and neurology that is responsible for our subjective experience of consciousness, but seem to go on to schematise consciousness or mind itself. In the ancient model, consciousness does not end at physical death. 

In the conclusion of the research team:  This is not a historical curiosity, this discovery represents an important leap forward for all of mankind - a previously unrecognized “owners manual for the human psyche” that is presented with the same unexplainable sophistication and accuracy that we see in the pyramids and temples.  As some of the discoveries present models of consciousness that are quite at odds with our current ideas about the mysteries and the source of consciousness, these discoveries are sure to be the source of controversy for years to come.  The traditional tactic of out of hand dismissal of findings like this is, in this case, not a strong option, because they contain an ingenious method of “self-verification” that make them difficult to dismiss by those who have a vested interest in maintaining the historical “status quo”.

The documentary is done in the poetic / aesthetic mode and is a visual masterpiece as well as a profoundly paradigm-shifting scientific revelation.